Blogging & community, 6 months in

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An Avalanche of Good Feeling by Tom Miles. More Motelism work here.

Wow, the response to my recent piece on mental health (and, of course, kissing your friends’ faces more) was really something. Thanks for reading; I’m glad so many of you found it useful.

I’ve found writing these pieces over the past 6 months really useful as a way of thinking not just about my work – studying technology, how it is changing and how dating apps influence ideas of love and sex – but about a lot of other things, too. That post on mental health is a good example of writing about something I hadn’t anticipated, but finding it a really valuable experience, as well as helping in the tiniest way to add my voice to the bigger debate about the issue. After all, tracking Brexit proved to be a great way of channelling my dismayed amazement at the whole fiasco into something productive – insofar as writing publicly can be productive. Online hits from the unlikeliest places, including Nepal, Belarus and Uruguay suggest that it was widely read, at any rate!

I’d urge anyone considering blogging to give it a go: it is a great way not just of sharing your work but also of building an online community (aww, so sweet). Speaking of community, my friend and former colleague Sue at the brilliant Helen Bamber Foundation has posted about government changes to public pensions funding the arms trade, which would affect the teachers, nurses and police officers amongst. Check it out at her blog Where Stuff Comes From.

I’m serious: I hereby donate one hour of my time to help anyone wanting to get started in blogging. Offer expires in 3 months; coffee welcomed in lieu of payment. Alternatively, this WordPress guide to blogging is pretty straightforward. I also thought this interview with the founder of The Financial Diet, a money education website for young adults, was interesting. Maybe the best blog ideas lie in filling an unusual niche, like the anonymous teacher or a weekly exposé of private tutoring (no comment). Next on my own to-do list is to pitch a guest blog to the Guardian Higher Education Network, but the prospect is much less scary with 6 months under my belt.

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