Merry Christmas


With things finally winding down for Christmas, it’s time to put the news away for a moment (hard to do with all the excellent lists of 2016 doing the rounds, like this list of best music albums and this list of 2016’s unsung heroes) and sit back and reflect on the year past.

For me, it’s been a fascinating first year of blogging, and I’d like to thank you for coming along for the ride with me. My aim was to discuss some of my work as a PhD researcher, but as well as technology, it was politics that caught my eye this year – and with so much going on across the globe, who can blame me?

Yet my two most read posts by far were a piece on why the Orlando shooting in June was so important for the LGBT community, and my recent post on the UK’s mental health crisis and suicide rates. After all my discussion of Brexit, Trump, and London, it goes to show that actually some of the more personal stuff resonates: not just with friends and family, but strangers too (hello, readers in Belarus, Angola and Nepal!)

The sentiment in the Lora Mathis poem Kiss Your Friends’ Faces More is truer than ever, and I’m going to carry it into 2017. Until then, enjoy a digital detox.

Merry Christmas!




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